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Health insurance can be explained as a guarantee or security distributed by a lender for the amount paid to the insurance carrier. They ensures you that you'll get cashless treatment or receives a payment for the difficulty incurred without risking the pocket or life with good insurance coverage for health issues, damage or surgery. Most importantly It insures all health related issues and also covers medication for treatment.
Health Insurance

Why Health Insurance In Dubai Is Important ?

Health insurance is important for everyone in Dubai. Uninsured people with less medical care will have worse health conditions, and lack of insurance is a financial burden to them and their families. When you’re searching for a Health coverage, it’s a good idea to check out all aspects. Such as coverage provided, the treatment, financial cost and the medical network. We at Alia Insurance Broker place a strong emphasis on quality health care at affordable prices. Cheapest Health Insurance Dubai can only be bought with Alia Insurance Broker in Sharjah.

However, we have various networks which offers you cashless hospitalization at huge network of hospitals. As UAE can be an extremely expensive city to reside in. Buying a medical insurance coverage will be good for you against the increasing medical charges.

Health Insurance In Dubai

Health Insurance Dubai - Medical Insurance Dubai (Laws)

MEDICAL Insurance Legislation of Dubai No 11 of 2013 requires that Residents will need to have medical / health insurance. It needs to meets or exceed minimum amount benefits stipulated by Dubai Health Specialist (DHA).

In Dubai employers are legally responsible to provide medical cover for their employees. Article 10 section 2 states that employers must not deduct insurance premiums. And or reduce the salary of the employee to compensate for the cost of insurance cover.

Regulations also states that dependents (this consists of spouse and children) and local staff (including maids, cooks, individuals) of the employee must also be covered for basic insurance. This basic health cover is called the Essential benefits plan (EBP).

Companies are under no responsibility to provide cover to dependants with their employees. (Although they should accomplish that activity), and the work lays with the visa sponsor.

Regulations were rolled out in phases which came into effect in January 2014.

Health Insurance Law

Stage 1

Companies with 1,000 or higher employees had a deadline of October 31st 2014.

Stage 2

Companies with 100 to 999 employees had a deadline of July 31st 2015.

Stage 3

Companies with 100 or less employees and all residents, home-based workers and dependents of employees at first had a final target time of June 30, 2016. Though this was later extended twice to December 31, 2016 and then later again until March 31, 2017.


The DHA has mentioned that fines will be imposed on sponsors and employers who don’t abide by the regulation. Fines of AED 500 will get for every one month of non-compliance. No new visas will be honored, and existing visas won’t be renewed. Fines will be paid through the renewal or cancellation of house visas.

For Emiratis (local people of UAE), their medical insurance is covered by the Government insurance scheme that is set out by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Nationals who work in the private sector have the option of choosing their employers health ins. policy or to join the Government scheme.

Health Insurance Sharjah - Medical Insurance Sharjah (Laws)

Health Insurance Sharjah comes under the supervision of The Ministry of Health. It enforces the healthcare regulation in the UAE for Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm al Quwain, Sharjah and Fujairah. However, some Emirates have their own healthcare institutions.

In these Emirates (States) it is not compulsory by law to provide cover to employees or their dependants.

In Sharjah individuals who work for the Government sector are provided with healthcare cover.

Medical Insurance In Sharjah

Buy Health Insurance For Individuals Or Family In Dubai

In Dubai, Health insurance / Medical insurance is mandatory and can be bought according to the fees applicable for selected packages. The packages have various benefits according to the customer requirements. We provide medical insurances policies from several insurance companies in Dubai, Sharjah and for other Emirates that provide private health ins. with access to more hospitals and clinics with wider coverage. While the majority of the health ins. packages don’t include optical and dental coverage, you can have these covered for a higher cost in premium medical insurance plans. Do remember that we offer the cheapest health insurance dubai cover.

cheapest health insurance dubai

Coronavirus or COVID-19 and other epidemic diseases.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 and other epidemic diseases are all covered even in the basic Health Insurance Policy. We at Alia Insurance Broker can guide you about any of your concerns regarding this. Do not hesitate to inquiry.

Corona Virus

Documents Required For Insurance :

  • Emirates ID ( Both sides )
  • Passport Copy With Visa Page
  • Company Contract ( If Main Applicant )
  • Other document required if Company.

Our Services

Alia Insurance Broker provides other insurance products as well. The list of other insurance services are as under :

  1. Car Insurance
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Travel Insurance
  4. Home Insurance
  5. Boat Insurance
  6. Fire Insurance
  7. Workmen Compensation 
  8. Property All Risk Insurance
  9. Medical Malpractice 
  10. Professional Indemnity
  11. Medical Insurance
  12. Marine Cargo Insurance
  13. Machinery Breakdown Insurance
  14. Group Life Insurance
  15. Jewellers Block Insurance
  16. Liability Insurance

If you need to secure your business or need any other insurance, do contact us. We have professional teams who can come to you and guide you in a proper way as how to secure your risk in the best possible way.

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