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Travel insurance is an insurance product that covers medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident and other losses incurred while traveling. Millions of travelers rely on Travel insurance policy, to help them recover from unexpected circumstances that can interrupt their travel plans.

Travel insurance can be issued at the time of Visa Submission OR making your reservation for the trip. There are two types of covers based on the duration of the trip. A “single visit” which covers a single trip for specified number of days and “multiple visit” which covers unlimited trips within a given time period.

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Travel Insurance In Dubai

Travel Insurance In Dubai : The United Arab Emirates is a multi cultural country where a lot of people from various different countries come to work and live. Dubai is one of the seven emirates of UAE and has the largest expat(foreigners) population. Dubai also has a good reputation worldwide which results in easy visit visas approval for the residents and citizens. People like travelling to various destinations for holidays, family vacations, special occasions, etc; they need to have travel coverage in order to get their visit visas approved and also to keep there trips stress free and comfortable.

There are many travel policies available in Dubai and other Emirates. Care must be taken of what covers are provided in the policy, and what exclusions, exceptions and limits apply. Some credit card issuers also offer travel covers if bookings made using through their credit cards. However, these policies are generic and special care must be taken depending on personal requirements.

Benefits Of Travel Insurance Dubai

There are several benefits of travel insurance. It covers expenses and inconvenience caused by emergency medical conditions, delayed flights, hotel cancellation, baggage delays, and so on. There are various additional covers which offers additional benefits such as Medical Evacuation, Trip Cancellation or Curtailment, Travel Delay, Hazardous Sports and Terrorism Extension. It also provides emergency assistance services globally. These benefits are as under :

Emergency Medical Expenses And Evacuation Benefit

  • Travel cover comforts you for the medical bills and evacuation. Insurance provider manages your medical bills and pay to hospitals or clinics all over the world.
  • Insurance carrier will arrange travel by air, land or sea to copy the patient in one location to some other depending on medical condition.

Trip Cancellation - Curtailment Benefit

  • If you’re unable to travel due to medical issues, you can say for the solution or hotel expenses paid.
  • Trip Curtailment gives you to say for the solution or for the hotel scheduling cancellation fee.

Travel - Baggage Delay

  • Travel and baggage delay added benefits make your wait less annoying and more pleasant. If your flight is postponed for more than 4 hours, the expenses for food and hotel accommodation are covered.
  • If your luggage has not arrived at your final port of destination, we cover your expenses for additional clothing or personal toiletries till your baggage arrives.

24 Hour Assistance Service

  • Travel insurance assistance center provide clients with outstanding service and cost benefit advantages. Insurance providers provide a variety of medical, travel, security and personal assistance services. High quality customer care solutions to meet the individual needs of customers.. They operate 24/7 and have a diverse staff which help the customer in every way.

Travel Insurance Coverage

At Alia Insurance Broker , we offer various insurance covers from leading insurance companies. We have wide range of Travel Packages to suit individual needs. If you need Travel Insurance Online Quote, fill the form below and we will provide you with full details of the cover at competitive rates.

Alia Insurance Broker provides other insurance products as well. The list of other insurance services are as under :

  1. Car Insurance
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Travel Insurance
  4. Home Insurance
  5. Boat Insurance
  6. Fire Insurance
  7. Workmen Compensation 
  8. Property All Risk Insurance
  9. Medical Malpractice 
  10. Professional Indemnity
  11. Medical Insurance
  12. Marine Cargo Insurance
  13. Machinery Breakdown Insurance
  14. Group Life Insurance
  15. Jewellers Block Insurance
  16. Liability Insurance

If you need to secure your business or need any other insurance, do contact us. We have professional teams who can come to you and guide you in a proper way as how to secure your risk in the best possible way.

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